Plantar fasciitis??

Hi there -- I am (was) a runner and I have a dx of Plantar Fasciitis -- I have had physio (contrast bathing, stretching, balance work, massage, strengthening, interferential stim, ultrasound) Active Release Therapy(ART), Orthotics.

I have pain in mid-heel that feels like a deep bruise. Some days it is really good (almost not noticeable), some days, for no reason, it is worse. It always worse after running, although I don't usually feel it during running. My foot/ankle is usually tight in the AM then loosens and then the heel pain gets worse as the day progresses (I sometimes toe-walk in the AM due to tightness). I also have pain/tightness in the back of my heel, around my achilles (enough that if I mildly bang the back of my heel it sends me through the roof).

The physio said - no running, the ART therapist said running short distances is okay as long as the pain isn't getting worse. NO improvement from physio, initially some improvement from ART, but now it seems I've reached a plateau. Orthotics feel okay, but did not really make any difference(I've had new ones for 8 mos, had old 2 yr old ones before pain) Could we be missing something diagnostically?? This has been going on for 9 months now and I'm frustrated, broke (all the therapy is expensive for such small gains), plus I still can't really run anything greater than 5k. Past history of IT band trouble in same leg as well as shin splints, now resolved. Other foot had (now resolved) metatarsal pain. Only trying to run 1/2 marathon distances, nothing extreme. Your thoughts???

Posted By Jennifer on September 01, 2004 at 18:19:12:

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