Fractured toe (Proximal Phalanx)

Two weeks ago, I kicked a large heavy box and ended up with a pain that felt wrong, about 1 minute after kicking it I knew something wasnt right, I went to the doctor for an Xray.
They said they would call me if there was anything more than a sprain, one week later I collected my X-ray only to read that it said I had a Proximal Phalanx, Doctor didnt even call me, I had to go back in and see them. They have arrange for me to have another X-ray to see how things are going.

My question is, how long will this remain swollen?
Its still bruised but its not so easy to see the bruise.
The toe I fractured is the big toe.
I can just about walk on it normally now as long as I am careful not to make any great movement I am fine, I dont think I could run as yet (not that I need to anyway)
I am just so curious to know, should it still be swollen even though it doesnt really hurt to much now?
Also how long does it normally take for a mild fracture to heal up?

If someone could help me out with info then please do email rather than just reply to my posted not.

Thank you all in advance

Posted By Sue on September 04, 2004 at 04:47:45:

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