Calcaneus fracture -- more than a year later

I contacted this forum 1/31/04 after a right calcaneus fracture. My doctor prefers immobility to surgery, so I was encasted. It is now 14 months later. While the pain is not quite as bad as it had been initially (there was a large gash involved, which became troublesome), my foot hurts constantly. In addition, there is a constant pain and ‘click’ in my left knee from (I assume) my severe limp, and my back and hips ache constantly. I had been a 6 to 13 mile a day runner prior to the accident, and now find myself unable to ’find my walk’ (which the doctor said would come in time) or stay in one position (standing or sitting) for more than 2 hours before my foot and ankle swell up. Doctor’s solution to the pain has been a series of anti-inflammatory drugs, none of which did anything but destroy my stomach, especially the last -- Arthrotec. His solution to that was to prescribe Nexium. After about four weeks, the pain in my foot (which he says is arthritis -- but I have had arthritis in my hands for several years and it is a totally different pain) was dulled, but still there, and I suffered miserable headaches, nausea and incredible bloating (to the point where I had to ’grease’ my wedding ring off), as well as bloody stools. Since both my parents died from colon cancer and the headaches were the first I’ve had in my life, I quite all the meds. Now the pain is bearable, but constant. The bloating, headaches and nausea are gone. My stomach is still messed up, but I can control it with Zantac. I’ve been out of work for much too long now, and have no disability insurance. I really must find a job, but hobbling into an interviewer’s office at my age (60) and being overweight (due to lack of exercise), then explaining how some days I can’t drive myself because the overnight swelling/pain won’t let me use my right foot, does not endear me to even the most liberal personnel director.

I considered finding another M.D., but my insurance (which by the way I consider myself lucky to have or we’d be bankrupt after this ordeal) doesn‘t cover ‘consultations‘ and we‘re pretty broke right now. The insurance did cover some therapy, but after a few weeks the therapist said I’d gone as far as I could go and dismissed me. (It was HealthSouth, which apparently is having severe money problems and I wonder if their contract with my insurance company wasn’t paying them enough.)

It's been thoroughly depressing to realize that I can't jog anymore -- or even walk (according to the doctor, "You're 'walker' is broken.") I’d like to believe that I will walk fairly normally one day and be able to stand long enough to work for at least 4 hours a day, but am completely frustrated. Any suggestions?

Posted By Mary Nixon on September 09, 2004 at 22:32:54:

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