Avulsion Navicular Fx July 11th, CRPS 1/2 foot

I thought I posted here before but I cannot find posting or reply...

July 11th, avulsion fracture of navicular with a bone chip after a twisting fall. E.R. misdiagnosed x3-4 weeks - e.g. no cast, only Ace Wrap every day + elevation + ice. Cat-Scan finally done and fractures diagnosed.

Specialist just 2 weeks ago gave Air Walking Cast. His diagnosis is written (I swear!) as "Healing fracture vs. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome vs. Prolonged Abnormal Bleeding" ! That is not much help. He did tell me possible Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and also he did not think I would need surgery.

My foot has these problems: 1. continued swelling from toes to leg on top & bottom of foot 2. still purple around great toe to pedal pulse area 3. extreme dryness (never had before) with cracking, itching, etc. (even the vein itches like crazy); WORST PAIN is in front of and under the ankle bone, lateral side, and up to top of foot; 4. extreme sensitivity esp near toes; 5. still unable to completely flex foot because of pain in front of / below ankle bone; 6. the fractured foot has now started twitching/tremors, like I have had primarily in opposite leg/foot (see next paragraph); 7. various tendon/ligament pains in arch, up back of leg.

History of DVTs bilaterally groin to knees, BUT no previous problems with this foot. As complications from DVT I have: (a) History of polyneuopathy in LEGS ONLY and no problem in this foot previously; (b) weakness and tremor esp. in other leg/foot. Also have active S-I joint back pain with L-3, L-4, L-5 radiculopathy / foraminal narrowing and intermittent loss of reflexes. [Note: I have good pulses.)

Have started these things:
1. Contrast baths = decreased the sensation pain by 40% -- and using soft to coarse material across foot (silk or cotton vs. rough hand towel)
2. Deep massages by hand
3. Walking in air cast - can only go 3-8 steps due to pain in front of ankle bone
4. Standing at least 1 minute - full weight-bearing.
5. Active & Assisted ROM several or more times a day.

I'm a former R. N. My concern is IF I'll be able to walk again, AND how long I should expect to be rehab-ing, especially with my previous problems. (I had just learned I need back surgery before this fall happened.)

Is there anything else I can be doing AT HOME (too difficult to get out of house for any out-pt services).

Thank you very much for your time.

Posted By Judy F. on September 23, 2004 at 21:29:30:

Gently supports the ankle by providing controlled compression throughout the joint, while relieving pressure over the malleoli.

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