bump on foot

I have a bump on the outer part of my foot.I have been seeing a podiatrist for 10 weeks now. Have had the mri's done. The growth is getting bigger. It is about 1 inch from the side of my foot 4 in back from my toes and positioned between the pinky toe and ring toe. It started small about 3 months ago. Now i have radiating pain on the bottom of my foot and the tendon that connects my big toe will ssuddenly have electric pain. The Dr first mri'ed me and said there is no boundry or border to it. So she put me in a no flex boot for 8 wks now. She has given me a steroid shot right in it. And now she has another boot for me to sleep in and wants me to go to physical therapy 2x's a week. I dont want to insult her, but i am in a lot of pain especially at night, and i want this thing gone. I have been doing research and I wonder is this could be a big cell tumor. She keeps saying it is soft tissue, but it is hard and solid. So she wants me to do this pt. My husband who is a sports guy, says she is crazy. I am not athletic and i have been staying off of it forever. Any ideas? The anti-inflamm didnt work either.

Posted By kim on December 02, 2004 at 21:29:14:

This soft padded night splint with contoured posterior shell provides passive dorsi flexion to address plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. Shipped with toe wedge for additional stretch on plantar facia.

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