Severely itchy lumps on toes from cold weather

I have seen four doctors for this problem, and gotten no help. I am unemployed and do not have health insurance, so I am hoping to get a little advice on here. This is not life threatening or anything like that, but it's driving me crazy. In warm weather I never have any problems at all. As soon as the outdoor temperatures get near or below freezing, this starts up, and everytime my feet get chilled it re-occurs all winter long. The symptoms are: Red lumps on my toes that swell outward and form lumps. They occur within a few hours after my feet get very cold. These lumps itch so much that I can not sleep at night. The itch seems to go deeply into the toe, and are painful when I press on them, but the itching is more of a problem than the pain. They occur on the top, bottom or between the toes, and generally in the same places every year. They are generally on all toes except the big toes. If they occur between the toes, the swelling causes the lump to rub on the toe next to it and causes more irritation. These lumps are generally 1/8" to 1/4" in size.
The doctors have told me that it is NOT athletes foot or anything like that. They say I have toes that are sensitive to cold (I knew that). They said the only solution is to not let my feet get chilled. While this advice makes sense, I live on an Iowa farm. It gets cold here in winter. I have farm animals to care for, firewood to cut, etc. Keeping my feet toasty warm, no matter how well I try, is just not always possible.
The last doctor I saw, said he thinks I have gotten frostbite on these toes in the past (which is very likely). He said these toes are now sensitive to the cold, and went on to say that I might have a thing called "Chill Bane" (I just guessed the spelling). Looking on the web for that spelling brought up nothing useful. So, I really can not find out much more.

I was just awoken early once again because of the itching, and decided to search the web some more to find some sort of help. The doctor said there is nothing I can apply to stop the itching. I have tried some anti-itch creams for insect bites, along with iodine, alcohol, vaseline, and other lotions. None seem to do much. However, I did find by accident that pouring straight bleach on the spots and leaving it dry tends to calm down the itch for several hours. The bleach does not burn my skin, as some people suggested.
Why the bleach helps, I do not know, but I often find myself getting up in the middle of the night to apply bleach, or the itching will drive me out of my mind.

I'd sure appreciate any help with this. I agree that bleach is probably not the best "medicine", but it's all that helps. I sure hope to find some sort of information, and possibly some sort of medication that I can get over the counter, or prescribed.
Thanks for all advice.
If someone wants to see a picture, I do have a digital camera.


Posted By George on December 04, 2004 at 10:50:42:

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