Pain on top of feet from growing knots/bumps

From pics of foot anatomy I'd guess my Medial cuneiform on both feet is inflamed/swelled and the portion of my foot that is currently causing me a decent amt. of pain.
Background- 26 yrs old, flat feet (but don't see to bother me) been playing a LOT of soccer since age 4 amoung other sports. Have had some minor tenderness on both feet in the past where rest has seemed to cure the tenderness/pain. Been playing rugby over the part year with no trouble, but recently got back into soccer and am playing Mon/Tues/Wed. indoor soccer each week and the pain has come back to where certain shoes hurt after wearing them for awhile, shooting a soccer ball (which happens to strike this very region when done right) give me some dull pain and seems to be the center of the aggrevation IMO. (nothing horribly acute, but I definitely know its there and if I wear certain shoes long enough they gotta come off! I play through it and don't notice it while playing 90% of the time)
Physical looks of it- Well over time the bumps on the medial cuneiform has grown larger on both feet, but it's not swelling, it's basically bone IMO, but they have 'grown.' I see my father has something like this as well from looking at his feet, but he doesn't play sports any longer and no complaints that I know of after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and getting some good drugs. :p
Pain relief- Stay off my feet. Walking and normal activities don't hurt, just a bit achy, and over time if I don't play soccer the pain and achiness goes away.(still have the bumps on the top of my feet though)
So what's the solution doc?! :p

Posted By Bryce on December 20, 2004 at 16:53:05:

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