Persistant instep pain despite orthotics

After suffering pain on the instep of my feet during skating (ice and inline Ė Iím a speedskater) for years as well as developing shin splints while running, I visited a podiatrist.

Ultrasound showed focal inflammatory patches along the plantar ligment where it had been torn and rehealed, etc. Orthotics were prescribed.

Itís been a year and the pain still remains while skating despite the orthotics. I can only skate a few laps before my insteps begin to burn. Itís incredibly frusterating to have spent as much money as I have and not found any relief. I plan on making a appointment with a new podiatrist (I didnít care for the other). Are there any other possible conditions besides fallen arches? Will another set of orthotics really help? Looking at my skates, the insoles are identical to my orthotics!

At this point I'm about ready to chuck my orthotics and just skate despite the pain.

Posted By Matthew Teichert on January 10, 2005 at 19:51:44:

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