recalcitrant metatarsalgia

I have a bad back so I used to squat alot. I got a ?neuroma about a yr ago in one foot which partly resolved (I could walk 2 miles but not hike) with one steroid shot. Told no more steroid shot d/t fat pad wasting. This all develped wearing good running shoes and hard plastic custom orthotics.
Four months ago, squatting flat, I developed metatarsalgia on top of this, where I cannot walk at all without limping and pain. I got new, soft orthotics with metatarsal/neuroma "bump". Have been having this poing my achilies and calf flexibility are excellent, as is my strength of all my muscles. Originally we found my plantar facia on the effected side was very tight and had been pulling on the metatarsals...that has been stretched and lengthed to the point my gait is normal
Since then, I have been getting iontophoresis with a steroid. It works temporarily, dectreasing pain somewhat. But I seemingly can keep reinjuring myself just by walking a little too far, moving the wrong way while on my feet etc. I have only four iontophoresis isn't improving I keep hurting it because it doens't hurt in the moment whatever I do wrong (say, walk too far) hurts ONLY THE NEXT DAY.
I am housebound and can't work pretty much at this point. Is there anything I can do? I dont' have health insurance, but am willing to pay out of pocket for podiatry if there is something they could do or figure out.
recent blood tests are negative for diabetes and arthritis markers.
should I try rocker bottom shoes? I MUST get a life...I need to wald some for the work I do, and cannot get a desk job because of chronic lower back pain. I physiatrist says (after MRI) that my back is not related to the foot pain

Posted By laura liebster on March 04, 2006 at 01:48:27:

Lined with soft fabric on both sides, this ~2mm thick SiliposŪ proprietary gel pad is an excellent cushion to help relieve the burning sensation and discomfort of the five metatarsal heads of the foot (the ball-of-foot) by protecting the ball of foot from repeated friction and abrasion with the shoes.

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