Toe Pain from banging it

About a month ago, I banged the toe, next to the little toe into the bookcase. It became shiny red, swollen and black and blue. The black and blue went up the front of the foot. I went to podiatrist about 10 days ago, as it was still hurting and painful.The black and blue area is gone. The doctor took x rays. He said the toe wasn't broken. He said it looks like I might have an infection, below the nail bed. He also put me on anti biotics for a week. The toe is still painful, red and swollen. The swelling looks like it went down just a bit. The toe only hurts as I walk, and if I rub something (shoe, sock) against the area. The pain is on the top of the toe and both sides of the toe.
Any suggestions about what to do at this point? OR do you have any thoughts about what might be causing the pain. If it is an infection, how long does it usually take to heal? Do you think I should go back to the doctor?

Thanks in advance for reading this post.

Posted By E on March 04, 2006 at 20:01:11:

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