calcaneal nerve entrapment

I was diagnosed with planter facitis heel spurs in the summer. An xray showed a bone spur but also calcification of both heels – though I can’t remember having a fall - so perhaps the heel pad is worn down. However before this pinpoint pain I had had pain in my heels and side of outer foot for sometime by midday – the heel spur point seems to be better after almost 6 months of rest ice and stretching etc I can now push down with my finger onto my heel with no pain or stand immediately without the pinpoint pain of the heel spur. However the pain of my weight on the heel and outer foot has not gone away. My feet still have the burning pain when I am even lying down worse in the evening and my feet seem to be hot and often the underside seems very red. Is this calcaneal nerve and lateral recurrent calcaneal nerve entrapment? I have been bought various inner soles to wear – even custom made though hard soles that made it worse but were supposed to help the high arch they discovered. The only ones that seem to help are silicone soles for the whole foot - though they don't seem to have high arch support and I can't see if your green spot ones do) but even they haven’t completely helped since as soon as I take my shoes off I get the tingling/burning sensation. Can you tell me what I should do from here – are they any tests for nerve entrapments to prove this problem so far I have had only an xray which showed a bone spur and the computer reading to show high arches. Please help.

Posted By am on January 31, 2005 at 09:29:35:

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