So many diagnoses????

Hi. This will probably get long so please bare with me. I had a slip and fall accident in May 04. I injured my left ankle, hip and wrist/arm. The doctor actually thought my wrist was broken but it turned out to be severely sprained. I was able to walk on my foot (in pain but could walk) so the doctor was more concerned with my wrist/arm. He put me in a brace and basically told me to stay in bed for the next week to rest my ankle--I couldn't use crutches because of my injured arm. Anyways, things seem to gradually improve. I'm a school teacher so I managed to get through the next month and then school was out. I spent the summer taking it easy--doing lots of swimming and relaxing. Went back to school in August and was getting my room set up. I noticed my ankle hurting and later that evening noticed it swelling. I iced it and continued to do that for the next 2 weeks. I started getting a little concerned after that point because I could barely put weight on my foot without intense pain. Went to the doctor and had an MRI and a Bone Scan done. The bone scan showed a fracture of the left navicular and the MRI showed a 3 cm peroneal tendon tear. I had surgery to fix the tendon in November (I'm going through workers comp so it took that long to get them to approve the surgery). During surgery the doctor found that my calcaneo figular ligament was also damaged so he fixed the tendon and the ligament. I was in a cast non-weight bearing for 4 weeks, then I was put in a walking boot. I was out of work the month of December after my surgery--I went back (in the boot) for 3 days and could not stand the pain so the doctor gave me a 2nd cortisone shot and took me out of work for another 2weeks. I went back after that time (again in the boot) and after 3 days again couldn't stand the pain. Went back to the doctor and he suggested that we get a CT scan and check on the fracture--maybe its not healing well and needs to be fixed. So, its been 3 weeks since he requested this test--workers comp has NOT approved it yet--they say they are waiting for more doctors notes. In the mean time I'm still not working and still in extreme pain. I called my doctor again about the pain--he wanted to see me. He says that because workers comp has delayed my treatment that he now feels that I am suffering from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and he is extremely concerned for my health.
So....if you've read this far--thank you!!!! Do you have any words of advice?? Can you (or anyone) tell me anything about RSD--what will my future be like if this diagnoses is accurate???


Posted By Cindy on January 31, 2005 at 19:07:31:

The Shin Splint Compression Wrap applies gentle pressure on soft tissue next to the tibia (shin bone), helping prevent additional tearing of the soft tissue away from the tibia. Compression not only reduces additional damage, it alleviates pain and enhances the healing process.

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