Talus fracture - walking cast?

I was diagnosed (via MRI) with a fracture of the talar neck. My podiatrist said the fracture was non-displaced and a "stress" fracture (even though it occured from a specific sports injury where I rolled over my foot).
The original injury occured in November, and I thought it was a sprain. After resting it for two weeks, I went back to my normal activities and, needless to say, I kept reinjuring it, so I finally had it checked out and diagnosed as a fracture about 2 months after the original injury.
My podiatrist sold me a walking cast and crutches, and told me to try to keep weight off the foot but that I could take the cast off to shower. I am almost four weeks in, and have my next appt in a week and a half. But I am starting to get nervous for two reasons: 1) I am starting to feel an "out of place" type of pain in my foot near where the break is when I put any weight on it. I never felt this even during the two mnths it was not casted (I always had swelling on top of the foot, but non pain in the break area); and 2) after doing a lot of reasearch on the internet, it seems that a hard cast (completely non-weight bearing) for 6 to 12 weeks is what is normally recommended for any talar neck fracture (although information about this injury is not as availible as i thought it would be).
Should I get a 2nd opinion and try to get in a hard cast, or could the pain be a sign of healing? Keep in mind, I am not concerned about the actual oain, because it's not that bad, especially if I keep weight off of it. I am more concerned that I am wasting time on cruches and in this boot while i am not helping it heal.

Posted By Jesse on February 03, 2005 at 14:57:07:

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