cuboid-5th metatarsal pain

I have left lateral foot pain, insidious onset ~ 1 month ago. The cuboid-tarsal joint of the 5th metatarsal is mildly tender and occasionally I notice it when walking. It is acutely sharp with inversion and passive plantar flexion of the foot. There is no swelling or buising. I will also notice it when using my left foot to untuck the covers from our bed at night. I typically suffer from 'stubnate-nocturnum' (stubbing your foot in the night) into various mobile and non-mobile objects. I can squat, walk normally, perform repeated heel raises, hop on one foot and other than mild tenderness and the sharp pain as described above, I have no complaint. My guess is a cuboid subluxation or a stress fracture of the 5th TMT. I should probably just get it looked at and stop self diagnosising (I'm an outpatient ortho PT).

Any input is welcome. Thanks much.

Ryan S. Gephart, PT, CSCS

Posted By Ryan on February 08, 2005 at 07:16:26:

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