Painful ankle

A month ago I slipped and fell down a flight of icy steps. Besides a lot of bumps and bruises, I also twisted my right ankle badly. I was able to get up since my ankle wasnít painful, but it felt funny when I tried to walk. I assumed I had probably just sprained my ankle so I went to work. About three hours later I tried to stand up and nearly collapsed in pain. My ankle had become very swollen and was severely painful if I tried to move it and felt as though I had like a really really bad cramp. I tried not to move my ankle, but the pain didnít subside, and in addition, my ankle felt warm and was throbbing. I went to the ER because my ankle was so painful when tried to move it. I was told my ankle was indeed only sprained and told not to walk on it for a week. A week later my ankle had not improved. I was icing it five times a day because it would get so painful. I went back to the hospital only to get the same diagnosis and to my doctor only to hear the same thing yet another time. Itís been a month and my ankle is still bandaged, I can put barely any weight on it, Iím dependant on crutches, and my ankle is often warm and throbbing. Can it be only a sprain? What should I do?

Posted By Lyndsy on February 16, 2005 at 15:09:48:

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