Swollen left foot

I have had a swollen left foot for 19 years. I was 29 when it first started. At that time the doctor checked for cervical cancer, so had a ct scan. When all seemed ok they said nothing was wrong and just live with it. As the years have passed, I've had cellulitis a couple times and now wear a Jobst stocking. It helps, but stockings aren't comfortable or fashionable. Now, at age 48, I had a flareup with the left foot. I had no apparent reason for this. The doctor sent me to have a venous sonogram and an arterial sonogram. The arterial showed all is well, the venous showed one vein with a slow return. The family doctor wanted to send me to a vascular surgeon for an opinion on whether the slow return would be the cause of the swollen foot. the vascular surgeon said my case was not worth seeing, so I couldn't make an appt with them. Any time I see a new doctor I ask about the foot and nobody is interested in helping. This recent flareup concerns me that I'm going to continue to have problems and as I get older the problems are going to get worse. Why are foot problems so hard to diagnose and fix? The doctors never offer to send me to a podiatrist, they feel like the problem is from above. The swelling stops at the ankle. I've asked about lymphedema and am told that if it is lymphedema there would be swelling up the leg. Any information you have would be very appreciated. I really want to pursue this to at least get an accurate diagnosis. Thank you.

Posted By Kathleen Hodges on March 24, 2005 at 09:14:15:

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