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Lydia, I stepped into a concealed hole on a neighbors walkway 10/8/02' I've been to the hosp. er, they x-rayed and temp. casted it and told me to see my orthopedist. At my orthopedist (he's very busy and succesful and has hired a "physicians assistant" who x-rayed (an x-ray is only as good as the person viewing it ( and my pa wasn't to good). He diagnosed a cuboid avulsion (misalignment of the bone between the calcaneous (heel bone) and metatarsel, 5th. (small toe) and possible RSD (reflex sympathy dystrophy) which is severe nerve damage, you know it if you had it. Two months later I went to a podiatric surgeon/professor at Stoney brook Univ., new york. He diagnosed Pop's syndrome (pos os peroneum syndrome), the one of two tendons in your foot/ankle (brevis tendon is the second one). I then went to a "foot specialist"/podiatrist. who didn't bother to x-ray and told me I had arthritis and burcitis, but he managed to sell me orthodic inserts for $300.00. Here it is 28 months later I've now got three screws surgically (permanent too) implanted and I'm still going for therapy (i've gone apprx. 160 times so far). Next week I'll be fitted for a Ritchie brace (ankle support), nothing like falling through the shower curtain and bangin' ones head on the vanity, had I fallen an inch in another direction the metallic knob on the vanity door would have gone through my skull. I now shower sitting down and am very very careful turning in the shower (you should too). After reading and reading and reading hundreds and hundreds of sites pertaing to the cuboid, bones in the feet , ankle injuries, tendons, and on and on. I suggest you first see, a QUALIFIED PODIATRIST, sorry to say but your regular dr. might be a nice person however he or she does not have the preferred knowlege that your injury requires (take it from someone who's been there). It turns out I tore ligaments when I hurt my foot/ankle, it was only then found out after the cuboid and talo-navicular were fixed. THERES 26 BONES IN YOUR foot/ankle so DO NOT!!!!!!!!!! rely on a gp. GO to a podiatrist and do not be afraid to question about the tendons, ligaments, nerves, bones in the foot and ankle. Keep your foot up, lie down and if need be keep ice on it and a diary of all pain and sensation. I'm talking about something I've been dealing with close to three years now. And unfortunately when you mention a foot injury to most peoples they somehow feel it's not that important, but YOUR (and no one else's) body is bearing either the pain or weight. I've also had open heart surgery @ Lennox Hill Hosp. 97' and elective brain surgery @ Yale Univ. Hosp. New Haven (epilepsy since I'm 20 yrs. old) and I'm still fighting today at 53 years old. So go get em' and see a QUALIFIED PODIATRIST! enough said. thank you

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Worn daily for a few minutes to several hours, the night splint, over time has been clinically proven to reduce the pain and discomfort of plantar fasciitis and other overuse injuries of the lower leg.

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