I have had an left knee arthroscopy November 29th 2004.
Uni-compartmental osteoarthritis has been confirmed.I suspect this would be the resultant of a compoundation of factors.Of recent years and now daily i have become greatly attuned to the problems of biomechanics of the foot that is specifically what is happening inside ones shoe/boot and ones gait.I am not rich and therefore ready funds are not always available.I have had Kellers on my left big toe.The adjacent toe has some nerve conduction impairment for its shaft is now rigid and the proximal tip curling.I suspect a 'knock-on' effect following the Kellers.Also present is a tibial bowing of the lower third and of late probably musclature i experience a sense of instability and am aware of the thinness of the lower third shaft.
Tracking was of the knee was initially remarked upon by a visiting physiotherapist i do visit periodically the nearby hospital but my regime is not working out well as i consider that machines will assist rather than me having to adhere to instructions that the mind is disinclined to follow although realising the necessity of doing some exercises daily.This i do.BUT I DO NOT HAVE A BRACE AND BECAUSE I EXPERIENCE A KIND OF BURNING SENSATION ON THE SPOT WHERE THERE IS OSTEO AND I HAVE NO CAR BUT CYCLE EVERY DAY I THINK THAT so that i might allay further deterioration such that will comprise an intended operation for uni-compartmental i should have one.Would this be correct.I utilise crutches(plural) every day and i hope to be able to ice skate.The engrams have not been installed and therefore if this be possible deliberate repetitions will have to be the order of the day.Of course this will be so many months ahead.WHAT SHOULD I DO THEREFORE IN THE INTERIM PERIOD OF TIME TO ALLAY FURTHER SIGNIFICANT DETERIORATION OF MY LEFT KNEE.I have had insoles prescribed for my pronation and i have them inserted into my boots that are sturdy and have had 'rocker' moulded onto them.


yours sincerely,

Graham Stanley Jones

Posted By GRAHAM STANLEY JONES on April 15, 2005 at 11:29:50:

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