5th Metatarsal- surgery or not?

I broke my fifth metatarsal about 6 weeks ago. I was told it was in between the heal on its own or surgery, so he went with a half cast. I have horrible circulation to my feet, so i undo the wrap at night and loosen it, otherwise i wake up with no feeling in my feet. Three weeks into it the doc said it was getting better. I've kind of slacked a little in caring for it. Been smoking a little (i know. i've stopped again), and started walking on it about 5 weeks into it a little and now i'm walking a bunch. Last night I moved it in a weird way and it HURT! Prior to that i could feel this really strange, not painful sensation near the break when i wiggle my toes, like something is moving wierd. Could that be the bone or what else!? Regardless, I have more pain now probably from walking (I stopped walking on it) and am pretty sure it hasn't healed. The doctor said if it doesn't heal in the next month I would need surgery. Should I just wait it out and keep a half cast until it heals or go for the surgery? I've heard so many awful storeis about surgery... Thanks for the help! Any other recommendations are also appreciated...

Posted By Kelsey on April 26, 2005 at 18:18:42:

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