My Plantar Fasciitis Is Severe


I've never had or heard of plantar fasciitis before last Tuesday (14th). I woke up with such a painful foot that i couldn't walk on it. It took about an hour and half, and i could hobble on it. I didn't know what was wrong with my foot at this stage, and had an interview at uni that day, so i hobbled all round Guildford. I walked (hobbled!) all day, up flights of stairs, down again, miles across the campus, miles across Guildford etc....

The next day i couldn't walk at all, not all day. I spent the day crawling round my house. I made it to the doctors who told me i had plantar fasciitis and told me to stay off my foot until it was better. This is very hard as i have a young disabled child to look after, and mostly live by myself! It is now Saturday and i am now getting around on crutches, as i still cannot put my foot down, it is so painful, and i'm frightened of making it worse again, like i did walking all day Tuesday with it.

Everywhere i read about it on the net says it gets better as the morning goes on, but for me this doesn't seem to be the case? I'm still in as much pain today as i was when i woke up on Saturday. Is that normal? I'm also staying completely off the foot now, don't know if that is the right thing to do.

I think i may have got the injury when my little boy (who is a very tall strong six year old) was having a full blown autistic tantrum (he has other problems too bless him), and i tried to deal with him mid tantrum. I usually end up doing parts of my back or shoulders in, always short term, when dealing with one of his tantrums, as he is getting bigger all the time.

I'm anxious to get better quickly, but don't know if i'm doing the right thing or not staying totally of it? I cannot sit down and rest it most of the time, i am doing all that needs doing round the house using crutches, and sitting down with my foot up when i can, but at the moment i cannot weightbare at all on it.

Any help or advice you can give me i'd very much appreciate,

Many thanks

Posted By Sarah on March 18, 2006 at 17:05:24:

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