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I have a bunion on the left big toe. I am age 39, at age 5 I had all my toes cut off in a lawn mower accident and sewn back on. My small toes have no bones but my big toe grew with bone but because of how it was sewn on, in faced inward a bit which accentuated the formation of my bunion. I love to run but am forced to take a day off because of the discomfort. My range of motion isn't normal and I have no joint at the top top of the toe. I have no restrictions but am getting to point where I am considering surgery. I have no pain other than during exercise and a little while after and of course with snug shoes. It appears to be getting worse though. My concern with surgery is that I do not have a normal foot. One podiatrist I spoke with (because I sell to them) said a simple procedure would be to remove the sesamoid bones and shave the bunion. I could be active again in a few weeks. Do you think this is a good bunion option for patients or me??

Posted By Todd C on July 15, 2005 at 09:30:27:

This soft padded night splint with contoured posterior shell provides passive dorsi flexion to address plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. Shipped with toe wedge for additional stretch on plantar facia.

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