Morton's neuroma and pain in ball of the foot

I'll try to be brief.
Several months ago I started feeling pain in the ball of my left foot (right below my second toe), specially while wearing high heel shoes or while dancing. The pain feels like the ball of my foot has no padding left and I'm standing on my bone.
I went to see a podiatrist and he said that the condition is due to: the bone of my big toe is not long enough, so all the pressure has gone to the second toe and now it's worsen to the point where it hurts. He recommended orthotics, which I had made and wear.
On another hand, it seems that I have Morton's neuroma not only on my left foot but also on my right foot (this one is the worst). When I wear the orthotics, the neuroma in my right foot starts hurting so bad that I can hardly walk. By the way we tried cortisone(which we found out I'm allergic to) and alcohol injections, but that just deals with the pain, not the condition, and they're temporary solutions.
When I told the doctor about the orthotics situation he said that the only other option (not 100% guaranteed) would be bonion surgery on my left foot. He would shave the bonion and also cut the bone in an angle so that - somehow- the bone alignes(??) itself better and hopefully the condition in the second toe would go away.
Is this real? I don't want to undergo surgery to find out later that I'm worse than when I started.
I'm a dancer and I haven't been able to dance for 6 months. This is taking a toll on my life and I really need to have it back. I'm only 36 years old.
What do you suggest to do?
Thanks in advance

Posted By Pitu on July 17, 2005 at 13:38:47:

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