Months to heal and mysterious bruising (1 of 2)

that I'd have to see a specialist, so she buddy-taped it and set me home in a hospital shoe. They gave me crutches, but only because I asked for them; I couldn't put much weight on my left, unbroken foot at the time because the left was still healing from a previous ankle sprain. I never figured out how to use the crutches, though, so I got by by walking as little as possible and using a walking stick. I don't have a car or a fetch-things-spouse, though, so I was never able to stay off it quite as much as I would have liked.

The specialist couldn't see me until 4 days later, by which time the toe had pretty much moved back to where it should be, though not completely. The new doctor seemed to know what he was doing, and the way he described it, I had two options: be lame for several weeks, or pay a lot of money for surgery to pin it and still be lame for several weeks. Didn't seem like a hard decision. His instructions were the same as the ER's: buddy taping, rest, and ice. I tried to follow these, but buddy taping the fourth and fifth toes together just didn't work. Instead of pulling the fifth toe against the fourth, it was pulling the fourth toe out of place too! After about 3 weeks, I stopped doing that and started taping both toes to my whole foot, with about two inches of tape around the base of the toes, so that they were held where they were supposed to be. Once I started doing that, my mobility improved almost overnight, though it was still a long way from healed.

I saw the specialist about 3 more times over the winter; he took more x-rays and said it seemed to be healing fine, although more slowly than he expected. He didn't comment on the change in taping, so I assumed it was fine. However, there were another problem. The doctors all swore that the little toe was the only one broken, but I kept telling them it wasn't the little one that was hurting -- it was the three middle toes and the associated metatarsal area. I also had a lot of bruising on the top of my foot in that area. It eventually faded, but never completely went away.

(continued in another post since I'm too verbose)

Posted By Bedawyn on August 02, 2005 at 19:12:03:

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