Months to heal and mysterious bruising (2 of 2)

The swelling didn't go down enough to fit in regular shoes until February or so, and I was still limping well into spring. It was the beginning of summer before I felt comfortable bending my toes (any of them), and the little toe still seems noticeably bigger than it was, though I can't say whether that's swelling or mis-bentness. But the toes did seem to be healing -- just very slowly. However, the mystery bruising was still there; as of last week, it still looked like I had some kind of brownish mottling below the skin on the top of my foot, a patch about an inch long by about three inches wide below the three middle toes.

Then, last Saturday, I bashed it again. Just a little bash, not the sort of thing that you'd normally think twice about. But all of a sudden, I can barely walk again and barely fit in my shoes again. The base of my little toe is badly bruised again, and the swelling and bruising is back on the top of my foot. It also seems -- I can't find anything when I examine it, but when I try to walk, it seems like there's a swelling or hardness between my heel and the arch -- or what would be the arch if I weren't almost flat-footed normally.

Any suggestions would be really, truly appreciated. The specialist stopped taking my insurance, and finding a new doctor without a car is pretty tough. But I'm so tired of limping. I'd be really grateful for any advice.

Posted By Bedawyn on August 02, 2005 at 19:12:50:

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