after plantar facia and mortons neuroma surgery

Oct 2004 I opted to have plantar facia and a mortons neuroma surgery on the same foot done at the same time. I had had the neuroma for about 15 years and the plantar facia heel spur was a recent surprise. Before the surgery I could walk as normal as anyone around the block 3-4 times before the my toes and the ball of my foot would start to burn, and go numb with pain. I never experienced the feeling of walking on marbles. I would simply find an excuse to stop for a moment and rest my foot when the pain would become intense and never did anyone ever suspect that I had a problem with my foot and walking. The plantar facia was only a problem when taking thoughs first few steps in the morning or after sitting for awhile. My doctor gave me the cortozone shots in both areas with no results. Upon the 2nd cortozone shot in the neuroma area, then I finally began to experience that walking on marbles feeling. I never tried the orthotics before my surgery.

Well it is 10 months since my surgery and after having had to change doctors and undergo a 2nd surgery to go after that neuroma again the situation is this......ever since my first surgery, every step I take is with pain. The ball of my foot is hard and grissly, lumpy and numb in some places. It appears I am not walking on my metatarsils. My toes have turned into claws and point slightly towards the outside of my foot and have shrunk up to look like a midgits toes? Also the arch is collapsing? And I feel like my ankle is constantly sprained. I have been in orthotics for 6 weeks now which have really helped to allow me to walk again but each step is with pain and my foot aches constantly even when I am just sitting around. I have had to spend 3 months out of the last 10 months in different casts. I can not roll my foot as I walk but must walk with more of a flat foot gait. The doctors are stumped, they have never seen anything like this before. He thinks that the PF surgery resulting in the lowering of my arch is the main culpret? I don't really know what my prognosis is. Do the exercises for the plantar facia really help? Is it possible to reverse the plantar facia surgery? And then what about the ball of my foot and my toes? Could the hard grissly parts be where instead of the fatty pad desolving as a result of the cortozone shots, could it be more that it has just torn away from where it belongs and has bunched up and more or less crystalized in the wrong areas? And will the numbness go away in the ball of my foot? What about fatty pad replacement? And then the pins in the toes to straighten them out? Sounds like a new foot to me but it also sounds like a better foot then the one I am left with now. I truly was better off before the surgery. Now what can I do to reverse and solve some of these problems?

Maybe I am reaching for straws and asking to much but a year ago I was fine and now I am partially crippled due to a surgery that was not necessary.

Posted By cathie w on August 10, 2005 at 23:45:42:

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