Injured left foot

1 week ago I had a heavy object fall off a shelf onto my left foot..I went to the hospital xrays were neg...the er doc told me if not better in a couple of days to come back as sometimes fractures won't show for a bit??? Well I went back 5 days as the foot will not stop swelling the pain has increased and it seems like it is getting more difficult to walk, if I put pressure on the "ball" of my foot it sends a sharp pain thru my little toe and up behind my leg.....the doc did another xray and said still neg...go home take advil just a bruise....(he didn't even examine my foot) but still I am having a horrible time with the foot right at the top of my metatarsals the bruising is clearing but it is still continuing to swell considerably, especially if I start walking on it...I am not sure of what to do next...My family doctor is away for the next 3 weeks.....if this is a bruise when will the swelling and the pain stop?? I have been doing the "R I C E "...Is it possible to have something wrong that may not show up on an xray?? I just don't know what my next move should be....Should I wait another week, or should I have it looked at again.....I am scared that there is something wrong just by the way the pain is so is not a throbbing type pain it is a sharp piercing pain....If you would be able to give me an idea of what my next move should be that would be great...thank you

Posted By Janene on August 21, 2005 at 09:21:00:

Lined with soft fabric on both sides, this ~2mm thick SiliposŪ proprietary gel pad is an excellent cushion to help relieve the burning sensation and discomfort of the five metatarsal heads of the foot (the ball-of-foot) by protecting the ball of foot from repeated friction and abrasion with the shoes.

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