6 weeks ago I went into local ER with very infected big was purple, hot and had pus under nail. Couldn't stand for sheet to be on it. Diagnosed as paronychia...said nail would have to be removed. I told the staff that I didn't think I could stand them to work on it while I was awake. They told me they would numb it would be ok. A PA came in and gave me 4 horrible injections...right into the infected flesh...1 between the toes, 1 on top of toe and 2 in the end of my big toe. I thought I could not stand the pain. I was given to vicodan just prior to didn't help. He proceeded to cut...I felt every cut he made...toe was not numb...I sobbed into my pillow. My daughter made him stop. They put in an IV with made me relaxed and sleepy...he started to cut...I felt it again...couldn't stand the pain. Daughter made him stop again...he said he just needed 5 more minutes. I told him I couldn't take 5 more minutes. (My daughter is a surgical nurse). She convinced them to do concious sedation and after about 5 was all over. He then buddy wrapped my toes togethr...all but the little toe and I went home. Suffered pain all night...even while taking percaset. This went on for 24 hrs. Finally, I cut the bandage and released the tension on the other toes and got immediate relief. One week later I began to look more closely at my foot and discovered I had purple water blisters between the toes he had bandaged. The eventyally burst and scabbed over...It is 6 weeks today and the skin is still pink and peeling...two of the toes are sore when I press them and appear to be a different color from the rest. My questions are these:
Is injecting the inflamed tissue the way he did the same thing as a digital ring block? If so...why did my toe never get numb? If not...wasn't he supposed to do a ring block instead of injecting the inflammed tissue? The hospital is implying I just wasn't very pain tolerant. I am 56 years old...have had 5 babies, 2 broken ribs, a needle broken off in the bone of my heel eye first, a needle directed breast biopsy, am a migraine sufferer...and on and on. I know about pain.
I am being told my toes should never have been buddy wrapped. He should have just wrapped the toe involved. Even if they were supposed to be wrapped in that way...were my other toes supposed to be strangulated to the point of blistering???

Thank you
Linda S. Thompson

Posted By Linda Thompson on September 09, 2005 at 12:59:18:

In Reply to: TOE NAIL posted by NEIL PARTINGTON on September 05, 2005 at 07:13:52:

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