swollen ankles

First, let me state a few important facts that I feel might be important after researching my problem:

1. I am a 25 year old male.
2. I don't exercise nearly enough.
3. I drink a lot of diet soda, which has a small amount of sodium in it.
4. Every job I have had since I was 16 has had me on my feet all the time.

OK, when I was about 21 I would get charley horses- the kind that woyld launch you across the room in a depserate attempt to walk it off.

After awhile the swelling that resulted stayed that way. The horses were actually on the bottom of my feet, and the swelling made the arches of my feet less noticeable. After awhile it crept up a little bit to my ankles. It has looked the same for the past few years.

Two days ago my right foot hurt, but the pain went away, but the swelling that came with it didn't- I'm a little more swollen on both sides just above the ankle.

This has been so slow for so long I'm not concerned that my life is in danger or anything like that- espeically because I'm pretty sure my lifestyle is partly to blame, plus my working conditions. HAving just changed jobs, I don't have insurance. IT will be awhile before I get it (anywhere from 3-15 months; 3 if I get transferred to full time, 15, if I don't), and I am willing to pay for a doctor's visit, but just one. But for right now, does anyone have an opinion or suggestion about what the problem is and what to do about it?

Even if it never gets worse, even if I change my lfestyle and stop the swelling from getting worse and the pain goes away, am I stuck with these ugly feet?

Posted By DC on September 09, 2005 at 14:36:53:

A silicone insert on the back of the Achillotrain leaves tendon pressure-free and provides intermittent compression for the reduction of swelling and edema.

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